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October 13, 2023

Corsair Gaming H1500 Review

Whenever you see the Corsair Gaming H1500 labeled on a product, you know it’s something of quality. Whether it’s a power supply, gaming mouse or headset, the company’s reputation for longevity is well earned. Corsair Gaming offers a wide variety of products for gamers, streamers and content creators including high-performance PC components and peripherals.

The gaming H1500 is the wired companion to Corsair’s wireless H2100 headset, offering Dolby 7.1 surround sound via its 50mm neodymium drivers. It connects via USB to your computer, which enables it to work with Windows’ basic built-in audio driver without the need for additional software. Having the option to customize your sound through the built-in control panel and equalizer is always welcome though.

A simple yet well implemented design adorns the H1500. Its ear cups are suspended slightly so they can rotate and adapt to different head shapes, and the headband is well-padded so it never feels crushing or too tight. Even vigorous head shaking wasn’t enough to dislodge the headset, so it should hold up to long gaming sessions.

The headset’s audio performance is impressive for its price, with boisterous and punchy surround sounds for games like Star Wars: The Old Republic. However, the H1500 does not reproduce sound effects and music as accurately as some other headsets. Additionally, a constant high-pitched whine can be heard when playing back sound or loading screens that may be irritating for some users. Fortunately, this can be fixed by installing the included noise cancelling firmware update.