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October 12, 2023

Cobra SC 400d Review - The Ultimate Dash Cam

The Ultimate Dash Cam

The Cobra sc 400d is the ultimate smart dash cam. It offers front 4K Ultra HD and rear 1080p recording, Alexa built-in, heads-up navigation, live police alerts, and incident reports. It's designed to help protect the people, cargo, and vehicles you care about most - on and off road.

This cam comes with everything you need to get started right away including a 32GB micro SD card and a windshield mount. Everything is neatly packaged in a well-designed box with photos and specs on the sides.

It is larger and heavier than some other dash cams but looks like a quality product worth its price tag. The body is plastic but feels sturdy. There is a large lens bump on the front with a polarising filter already screwed in place, and the rear is dominated by a 3in touchscreen display with buttons and ports clearly labeled.

Footage recorded on the Cobra sc 400d can be viewed in the Drive Smarter app or directly on the camera itself using its 3in LCD. Videos can also be uploaded to Cobra's cloud storage service for easy sharing. The cam can also record a GPS track of your driving, which is handy for insurance claims and other purposes. This cam also has an emergency Mayday feature that will contact a selected recipient with your location and video if the camera senses a severe impact.

One of the best features is that this dash cam records in high-dynamic range (HDR). This helps to capture details in both the shadows and highlights of footage. It also has a wide-angle lens which allows you to see a broad perspective of the road.