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October 12, 2023

Cobra Drive HD Reviews

The road is a wild place where anything can happen. And if it does, the CDR 820 Drive HD Dash Cam by Cobra will make sure you have evidence. It also has lots of other great features too, like a continuous loop recording and a parking mode that can be set to off, 5 or 10 minutes. The camera has a two inch display and an ultra wide 160 degree viewing angle. It records in 1080P full HD. The camera can be controlled using the free Cobra Drive HD smartphone app which also controls the radar detector portion of the device. It connects via WIFI (more on this later) and Bluetooth.

The video quality is good, although not outstanding. The 6.7 Mbits/sec data rate for the Super HD format is a bit low and videos tend to look soft, although the 8GB micro SD card included in the box will give you around 160 minutes of footage. The GPS module is a big plus, providing location and speed info as the video plays.

This was one of the easiest dash cams to install. Unlike some dual cam systems that require you to route the cables behind the dashboard, the Cobra system just mounts to your windshield and the power cable goes up to your vehicle's power socket. Getting the GPS antenna connected to your car was also easy and I had no issues with it locking onto a signal in less than a minute, even in the middle of a city.