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October 13, 2023

Cobra Dash Cam 840 Review

The road is a wild place where anything can happen. It's important to protect yourself from the unexpected with a Cobra dash cam, which will serve as a witness to your journeys. It can also help you decrease the chance of false insurance claims by capturing footage of the incident in question. Onedirect stocks a variety of Cobra models from the budget friendly CDR 835 to their flagship dual camera model, the CDR 895.

A small 1.5" LCD screen is the only downfall of this compact dash cam, which makes it less useful than larger units with a bigger display. Nonetheless, the quality of the images captured by this unit is quite good. It is able to record a decent amount of detail in the scene, with crisp and clear imagery during daylight. There is some grain and noise present in night time footage, but it's not a huge issue.

An 8GB MicroSD card comes with this device, which is helpful in offloading video clips to your computer. The box also includes a heavy-duty suction cup mount and cigarette lighter adapter to draw power from your vehicle. The installation process is straightforward, and the unit is a breeze to set up and use.

The Cobra dash cam 840 is an excellent option for those looking for a budget friendly model with some great features. The internal GPS embeds the exact location and time into every recording, while G-sensor technology can detect sudden acceleration and collisions to ensure that critical footage is protected. In addition, the video can be recorded in high definition, and the sound is very clear as well.