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October 13, 2023

Cobra CDR 900 Reviews

Fender benders, natural disasters and YouTube-worthy comedic moments are just a few of the situations that can be documented with this top of the range dash cam from Cobra. The CDR 900 is the company's flagship dash cam that promises Super HD video, Wi-Fi connectivity and an action camera option too.

As well as recording in a loop, the camera also saves footage into 3 minute HD chunks which helps to avoid running out of space on the micro SD card. Cobra's free 'Drive HD' app allows you to preview and toggle record on and off, set the date and time and change some camera settings which can't be done directly from the dash cam.

The device slots onto a suction screen attachment which is held securely in place by a long power cable that culminates in a standard USB connection. This plugs into a separate car adapter which can be used to power a sat nav as well, or you can supply your own dual output adapter if needed.

The CDR 900 is configured to automatically turn on and begin recording when it detects that the engine is started, so there's no need to activate it manually. An 8GB micro SD card is included with the unit, which should allow for about 2 hours of footage before the oldest footage is overwritten. There is a small number of extra safety features including an Impact Sensor with high or low options which can be configured exclusively through the smartphone app, and a Motion Detector which will capture footage if someone tampers with your vehicle.