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October 13, 2023

Cobra CDR 900 Review

Cobra electronics is a company that knows automotive, so when it comes to dash cams, they're experts in what drivers need. The CDR 900 E promises Super HD resolution and action cam functionality, but the soft image quality stifles this one's potential.

Like many of the top dash cams, the CDR 900 E features a 3-megapixel sensor. However, compared to other models we've tested, the footage looks rather soft, presumably due to the 6.7 Mbits/sec data rate and aggressive compression.

With the optional 'Drive HD' smartphone app (Android and iOS) you can connect to the camera via Wi-Fi and remotely control the CDR 900 E. You can also view and share video, adjust settings and upload to the cloud. The local connection mode sends a live video stream over onboard WiFi to your smartphone with about a one-second delay.

The CDR 900 E has a built-in parking surveillance mode and motion detection, both configurable exclusively through the smartphone app. It also has an impact sensor with high and low options, so you'll be able to see if someone hits your car while you're away. There are no extra safety or alternative modes such as lane departure or collision warning, however.

The CDR 900 E has a standard tripod mount on the bottom and an additional slide-in attachment onto which you can attach the bundled lanyard. This slides into the camera's body and screws into place to make it more secure when mounting on a windshield or other location. There's also a micro USB port for off-loading and a micro HDMI output so you can play video on a TV, though we found the included cable to be too short.