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October 13, 2023

Cobra 840 Dash Cam Review

Dash cams serve as a perfect eyewitness to your driving journey, bestowing you with a peace of mind that all incidents will be recorded and can be used as evidence of a collision or to deter fraudulent insurance claims by other parties. Onedirect have a wide range of high-tech dash cams from Cobra, including the budget-friendly CDR 835 to the flagship dual camera CDR 895.

All of the Cobra dash cams come equipped with a standard lens capable of recording in full HD at a high frame rate to give you crisp footage. The Cobra 840 also has a number of powerful sensors to keep you safe on the road: a motion sensor activates automatic recording as your car moves and a G-Sensor will detect sudden jerks or collisions to ensure no accident goes unrecorded. A wide viewing angle means your license plates will be easily identifiable even at a distance. Internal GPS enables your recordings to be embedded with exact time and location info. You can then view this on a computer or HDTV using the free PC software included with your purchase. Memory lock ensures a specific file will not be accidentally overwritten during normal loop recording.

Installation is simple - you'll find an 8GB microSD card in the box which you can pop in and start recording. The camera mounts to your windshield with a suction cup, and the base is attached with a screw and knob. A cable connects the power unit to your car, and you'll need to plug this into the cigarette lighter to get it powered up. There isn't a screen on the dashcam itself, but you can connect it to a TV to see video playback and the settings menu (although the on-screen text is tiny and designed for a larger screen). Free PC software enables you to view the footage and read the GPS, g-sensor and location info.