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October 13, 2023

Close DM on Discord - How to Reopen a Closed DM on Discord

Discord is a messaging app for gamers that lets players chat in real-time and coordinate gaming activities. The server is free to join and has many servers that cater to the interests of different users. Discord offers several features such as direct messages and private channels to help players stay connected and share ideas in a secure manner. The platform also provides tools to prevent DM spam, abuses, and harassments from creepy users. One of these features is close dm on discord, which lets users hide irrelevant messages from their DM so that they can focus on the important ones.

However, if you accidentally closed a DM or need to access an old one, it might be confusing to figure out how to open a closed dm on discord. The good news is that it is possible to reopen a closed DM on discord by using a variety of methods such as searching for the user’s username or utilizing third-party software tools.

Despite this, it’s important to remember that closing a DM on discord only hides the conversation from your DM list. The other party will still be able to message you through other means such as server chats or creating new DMs with you. Therefore, it’s important to communicate clearly with the person that you are closing a DM with if there’s a reason for this. Otherwise, the other party might think that you’re no longer interested in communicating with them.