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October 13, 2023

Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Test Drive

Car mechanic simulator 2015 test drive

If you were impressed by the level of detail in 2014's Car Mechanic Simulator then you'll be even more impressed with this new version. PlayWay has managed to retain the great fun of dismantling cars and putting them back together again while adding in some excellent new elements which make the whole experience a little more informative.

The game is set in a fully functional garage complete with two lifting lifts, a paint room and a lot of tools. Players will receive a randomized list of work orders via the in-game phone system, each with a wide range of issues from faulty brakes to loose steering wheels. Each job will earn you both cash and experience, which can be spent on buying better diagnostic tools or improving your shop.

While the game starts off pretty straightforward with jobs providing you with a full step-by-step breakdown, later cars will give you fewer and fewer clues about what's wrong. The solution to these problems will require some trial and error but luckily you have plenty of helpful tools at your disposal: ghost assembly which hides the car body for a quick look at its internals, inspection view which marks all components as red (faulty), green (in good working order) or white and the test drive where you can see the car in action on the driving track.

However, the one thing that prevents this game from being a truly excellent automotive experience is its numerous glitches and bugs. Even after significant patches some very basic things still happen like not receiving XP for completed jobs, or the garage occasionally taking your money but not spawning a car in your shop.