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October 12, 2023

Buying a Long Range Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

If you’re finding your wireless mouse or keyboard struggles to work at more than a few feet from your computer, it might be time to upgrade. Newer devices use a more recent version of the Bluetooth technology, meaning they’re more likely to connect at a greater distance than older models. You can also try using fresh batteries, as low battery power can affect the range at which your mouse and keyboard operate.

This wireless combo combines a slim-line keyboard with an ergonomic, compact mouse that’s comfortable to use. Using a wireless connection via 2.4GHz, this set is designed to work up to 33 feet away from your computer. It’s easy to setup, too. Simply plug the USB receiver into your computer, and then pair the two devices by following the on-screen instructions.

The iBall Magical Duo is a great option for anyone looking for a simple, affordable wireless mouse and keyboard set. The keyboard has a soft, spill-resistant design that’s ideal for casual computing tasks. The mouse is compact and lightweight, so it won’t add too much to the overall weight of your laptop bag. The iBall Magical Duo also has an integrated number pad and media keys, so it can be used as a full-featured multimedia keyboard.

One thing to note about this wireless keyboard and mouse is that it doesn’t come with a wrist rest or extra programmable buttons, so it may not be the best choice for serious typists. However, it’s still an excellent budget-friendly set that will give you all the functionality that you need.