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September 7, 2023

BPH Construction LLP - Is BPH Construction a Good Company to Work With?

bph construction arizona

An Arizona construction company owner, Brent Hospelhorn, was arrested after being accused of striking out against one of his female workers at a building site in north Phoenix. Hospelhorn's company BPH Construction LLP in Scottsdale specializes in this type of work; Hospelhorn became angry due to a scratched cabinet; when this occurred he began shouting and using coarse language with them and eventually used physical force against them as well as swear words against them.

According to court records, he was charged on Thursday and scheduled to appear before a court judge on May 26.

Although judging a construction company is often difficult, conducting in-depth research before selecting your contractor for your project is essential. This involves gathering multiple quotes and references before openingly communicating expectations and concerns with the company in question to make an informed decision that will ensure a positive experience during construction.

BPH Construction stands out from its competition by offering quality workmanship at competitive pricing with flexible financing solutions that suit different budgets. Their team strives to deliver superior customer service while working closely with each client towards reaching their goals.

Testimonials from past customers have consistently lauded our company for its professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail. In particular, customers have appreciated how open we have been with communicating our concerns as well as accommodating individual requirements throughout construction projects - all qualities which have resulted in positive outcomes on a variety of projects.

Customers of BPH Construction have raised concerns regarding its reliability and pricing, with reports that quotes they received were higher than expected and caused frustration and disappointment; others claimed deadlines weren't met, leading to missed opportunities or incomplete work.

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