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May 16, 2023

Blanched Laminate Real Wood Flooring

best blanched laminate real wood flooring

Blanched laminate real wood flooring is an ideal option for homeowners who desire the natural charm of natural wood while needing an economical, hardwearing floor surface. Laminate floors' protective wear layer offers protection from scratches, dents and other forms of damage caused by heavy foot traffic or frequent usage; additionally, water-repellent coating protects underlying materials against moisture damage.

Laminate flooring is an engineered product made up of multiple layers that include high or medium density fiberboard from wood byproducts, an image layer printed to simulate real wood, stone or other material, and then covered by a hardwearing finish that offers wear resistance - creating an engineered flooring product suitable for any room of the home.

Most of the top blanched laminate real wood flooring features an authentic woodgrain texture that closely replicates that of real hardwood, as well as offering numerous color and pattern choices to complement many different home styles. Furthermore, many manufacturers back these products with warranties.

Hardwood floors tend to outlive laminate, and are easier to repair as well as increasing home resale values. Laminate floors on the other hand don't typically increase in value and may need replacing at some point in the future.