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October 13, 2023

Blackwidow X Chroma Keyboard Review

The BlackWidow X Chroma is an excellent keyboard for gamers with a taste for style and a need for responsive typing. It offers plenty of customization, a full set of macro keys and robust software in a relatively compact design that is easy to recommend for just about any gamer.

The Blackwidow X Chroma is a variation on the popular BlackWidow line of gaming keyboards from Razer. It's available in a full-size and tenkeyless model, plus a Tournament Edition with a numpad. The X Chroma uses the same metal face plate as other BlackWidow models, and like those, it features five programmable gaming keys to the left of the main keyset that can be used to launch programs or execute macros.

This keyboard also features a detachable wrist rest that offers a comfortable level of padding and should help reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions. It's also a bit lighter than other mechanical gaming keyboards, at 2.1 pounds.

Razer's own Green switches are used in the X Chroma, and they have a nice, tactile click. These are similar to Cherry MX Blue switches, which provide a good balance between durability and actuation. There's also a Yellow switch option, which is quieter but still provides a good level of tactility.

As with other BlackWidow products, the X Chroma relies on Razer's Synapse software to record macros and customize its lighting. Some users don't appreciate the need to install a third-party program, especially since most gaming keyboards save settings internally. However, Synapse is snappy and straightforward to navigate, even if it isn't as feature-rich as some competitors' software.