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October 13, 2023

Best Xbox 360 Controller

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The original Xbox 360 is still a console favorite, and the controller that shipped with it set a standard for comfort that almost all others have strived to match since. The hand prongs are subtly contoured and naturally comfortable, and the plastic is textured in an unobtrusive way that won’t rip up your palms after prolonged gaming sessions. It also has a relatively low amount of input lag, which can sometimes be an issue with modern controllers.

It’s no surprise, then, that the controller remains a popular choice for gamers of all ages and skill levels. While you can get a basic Xbox 360 controller for under $20, there are also premium options available with more customization features, like remappable buttons and rear paddles that allow you to control games in new ways.

If you want to upgrade your existing controller without spending a fortune, the best xbox 360 controller for most people is the Microsoft Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. Released before the Xbox One X and S came out, this fancied-up version of the stock controller adds extra thumbsticks, buttons, and customizable features, but doesn’t include the convenient Share button found on the latest console controllers.

If you want a more budget-friendly option that still feels good in your hands, consider the Hyperkin Duke. This reissue of the original Xbox 360 controller is more of a love letter to the salad days of 2001 than an actual gaming device, but it has a nice design and offers generous haptic feedback — albeit with a mushy D-pad. For those who prefer a more arcade-like experience, the HORI EX 2 Fighting Stick is another great option that’s designed to help you master fighter and shooter games.