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June 8, 2024

Best Meal Delivery Service: Top Picks for Every Lifestyle

Meal delivery services have become a popular solution for busy individuals seeking to simplify meal preparation while enjoying diverse and nutritious meals. Several key players in the industry cater to specific dietary needs and lifestyle preferences, offering options ranging from fully prepared meals to pre-portioned ingredients with recipe cards.


CookUnity, based in New York City, boasts fully prepared meals crafted by award-winning chefs. Their extensive menu features dishes from various cuisines, ensuring a delightful mix beyond standard grain bowls and sheet-pan dinners. CookUnity primarily emphasizes quick, satisfying, and delicious meals rather than focusing on health food. The service offers over 100 meals each week, delivered in reusable insulated bags, making it convenient for customers. Recommended dishes include short rib with herby mashed potatoes and grilled chicken yassa with jollof rice.

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Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot stands out as a plant-based meal kit service ideal for vegans or those looking to incorporate more vegan meals into their diet. Known for their bold and intriguing flavors, Purple Carrot offers unique dishes, though the cooking process can be time-consuming. This service is perfect for individuals seeking to explore vegan cooking with exciting recipes.

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Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh offers quick and easy meal options with a wide variety of choices, including vegetarian and plant-based alternatives. Their large portion sizes and diverse menu make it a convenient option for families or individuals looking for hassle-free meal planning. Hello Fresh ensures that customers can enjoy delicious meals with minimal preparation time.


Factor provides pre-cooked, ready-to-eat meals suitable for those with a nutrient-dense diet and specific dietary restrictions. Focused on health and convenience, Factor's meals only require reheating and are perfect for individuals seeking balanced and portion-controlled options without the hassle of cooking.

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EveryPlate emphasizes affordability by offering simple and tasty meal options. Ideal for cost-conscious customers, this service provides straightforward recipes with easy preparation. EveryPlate is perfect for those looking to enjoy home-cooked meals without breaking the bank.

Territory Foods

Territory Foods partners with local restaurants and chefs to offer premade meals catering to various dietary preferences. With flexible delivery schedules and customizable dish selections, Territory Foods provides a diverse menu that reflects regional culinary expertise, making it a great choice for food enthusiasts seeking quality and variety.

Eat & Smile Prepackaged Meal Delivery
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Cumin Club

Cumin Club specializes in Indian cuisine, offering easy-to-prepare meals that only require adding water and heating. Their authentic flavors and vegetarian options bring the taste of home to customers seeking quick and flavorful Indian dishes.


Sunbasket focuses on premium, organic ingredients with a variety of recipe options. Their customizable protein choices and quick and easy meal preparation make them ideal for those seeking high-quality ingredients and culinary inspiration. Sunbasket's diverse recipes are perfect for customers looking to explore new flavors while maintaining a healthy diet.

Sakara Life

Sakara Life is a luxury meal delivery service endorsed by wellness influencers. Positioned in the high-end health space, Sakara Life offers complete meal plans with a focus on overall wellness. While the price point is higher, the service provides nutrient-rich meals designed to promote health and well-being.

Green Chef

Green Chef offers certified organic ingredients and sustainable packaging, catering to various lifestyles, including keto, paleo, and vegetarian diets. Known for their healthy and eco-friendly approach, Green Chef provides diverse meal plans and allows customers to choose the number of servings and meals per week, making it a top choice for health-conscious consumers.

Mosaic Foods

Mosaic Foods delivers plant-based, frozen meals with a fresh twist, making it an excellent option for vegetarians. Their convenient veggie-forward meals come in various categories, such as veggie bowls, family meals, pizzas, soups, and oat bowls, ensuring a variety of flavors and easy meal preparation. Mosaic Foods is appreciated for its flavorful and convenient offerings, with options like the mac and greens bowl receiving positive feedback.

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Choosing the right meal delivery service depends on individual preferences, dietary needs, and lifestyle. Factors such as cost, flexibility, recipe variety, dietary accommodations, and customization features play a crucial role in making the best choice. Meal delivery services offer a practical solution for busy individuals, providing culinary inspiration, reducing food waste, and ensuring a variety of nutritious meals without the need for extensive grocery shopping or meal prep.

Service Specialty Noteworthy Features
CookUnity Fully prepared meals Award-winning chefs, over 100 meals per week, reusable insulated bags
Purple Carrot Plant-based meal kits Bold flavors, vegan recipes, exploration of vegan cooking
Hello Fresh Quick and easy meal options Wide variety, large portion sizes, minimal preparation time
Factor Ready-to-eat meals Nutrient-dense, specific dietary restrictions, reheating only
EveryPlate Affordable meal options Simple recipes, easy preparation, cost-effective
Territory Foods Premade meals Local restaurants and chefs, flexible delivery, customizable selections
Cumin Club Indian cuisine Easy-to-prepare, authentic flavors, vegetarian options
Sunbasket Premium, organic ingredients Customizable protein choices, healthy and diverse recipes
Sakara Life Luxury meal plans Focus on wellness, high-end health space, nutrient-rich meals
Green Chef Certified organic ingredients Sustainable packaging, variety of diet plans (keto, paleo, vegetarian)
Mosaic Foods Plant-based, frozen meals Convenient, veggie-forward meals, various categories (veggie bowls, family meals, etc.)

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