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October 13, 2023

Best Gaming Desktops 2014

Whether you're a PC gamer or just looking to upgrade, a new gaming desktop can boost your performance and your frame rates. The best gaming desktops 2014 offer the latest processors, blazing graphics cards, and all of the ports you need to connect your controllers. But with so many models on the market, choosing a new gaming computer can be confusing. Read on for our top picks for the best gaming desktops 2014.

Alienware's otherworldly Area 51 combines eye-catching design with bleeding-edge technology, but its gargantuan chassis also comes at a steep price. This year's model, for example, has a 6-core Intel Haswell-E CPU and X99 motherboard chipset that offer plenty of power to plow through the most demanding games. However, this latest model doesn't include Intel's new Core M processors geared toward tablets and hybrids, so the flagship Area 51 might be the last of its kind for quite some time.

Boutique gaming PC maker Origin PC has redesigned its Millennium gaming desktop for 2014, and it's a beauty. This hulking box packs the latest Intel and Nvidia components into its custom case. We've seen the Millennium perform at high resolutions with ease, and its three Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 cards easily keep up with 4K gameplay.

This gaming desktop has a 27" curved Full HD display with Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) G-Sync technology to reduce screen tearing and stuttering. It has a refresh rate of 165 Hz and offers AMD Radeon Free Sync technology to further reduce image flickering. It also comes with a suite of gaming software from Razer, which lets you customize keyboard lighting and synchronize it with your games.