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October 12, 2023

Best Dedicated GPU Under $400

If you want to play games at the best fps possible, you’ll need more than just your CPU and RAM. Dedicated GPUs provide the visual processing power needed to render images and videos. While regular machines use integrated graphics silicon to achieve this task, these aren’t suitable for gaming and other visually-intense activities. This is why gamers and creative professionals rely on dedicated graphics cards.

However, finding the right card at a good price can be challenging. Nvidia, AMD, and Intel all compete in this market with competing products at different price points. The Intel ARC A770, for example, represents the CPU juggernaut’s first foray into the discrete GPU market.

While it may not have the power of the high-end 20xx models, it offers plenty of performance for a budget-friendly GPU. It features the latest Turing architecture with a twin fan arrangement that allows it to reproduce complex visuals at reasonable temperatures. It also supports newer algorithms like DLSS-smoothing and real-time ray tracing.

This card provides the performance you need to enjoy all current AAA titles at 1080p and some esports games at 1440p with minimal settings adjustments. It also comes with a decent amount of GDDR6 memory that can handle most resolutions with ease. Its small size and quality cooling system make it a great choice for users who want to upgrade their GPU without breaking the bank. You can find this card online for around $400.