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October 14, 2023

AZIO MK Hue Review

At first glance, the AZIO MK Hue 2 looks like your garden-variety wireless PC keyboard. The $35 (or as low as $20 on Amazon) device sports a sleek minimalist profile and a stylishly backlit color scheme. A pair of rubber pads on the front and back help it stay firmly planted on your desk. It also comes with a flip-out riser that tilts the keyboard up slightly for users who prefer a more comfortable typing position.

While the MK Hue is primarily designed for Mac users, it works just as well on Windows computers. It also comes in a variety of colors and features a full numeric keypad. The keycaps are standard chiclet-style with square, flat edges. The layout is very similar to an Apple MacBook keyboard, including hotkeys for media playback, volume, home, and mail.

The MK Hue also has standard features such as NKRO and Macro Keys. The keys have a short travel distance and provide tactile feedback. The keys are illuminated by a contemporary white backlight, accentuating the elegance of the colorful anodized aluminum body of your choice.

The MK Hue uses custom Kailh Blue switches. This design helps even out the key illumination by avoiding double-line text labels. This is the same type of backlighting that you'll find on an Apple MacBook. The only thing missing is a 6-key rollover feature, which would eliminate ghosting. Thankfully, the keyboard does support some level of NKRO by changing the way that keys are polled to detect more than six simultaneous inputs.