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October 13, 2023

Ativa Micro Cut Shredder Review

From standard cross-cut models to higher security micro cut shredders, we've got you covered. Some shredders also offer extra features, such as a sensor that detects too many sheets and won't operate, a reverse function that helps clear jams and even a power LED to let you know when the machine is ready to start working.

In our tests, this heavy-duty model plowed through thick junk mail envelopes and credit cards with ease. It's surprisingly quiet, too, though its small bin may require emptying more frequently than some other options. Its front LCD gives status updates and offers an impressive 20 minutes of continuous run time. And its dependable design and robust build make it a solid pick for office use.

This model from Fellowes takes a different approach to auto-feed shredders by aligning the feeding slot from side to side rather than top to bottom like most machines. This way, pages are automatically guided into the jaws and into the cutting blades, minimizing your risk of paper jams. The machine also has a safety lock and a handy tray for holding optical discs, CDs, and credit cards, as well as overheat protection and an overload sensor that pauses the motor if you try to feed too much at once.

Another great feature is the ability to run lubricant sheets through the machine periodically, helping keep your shredder in good shape and prevent premature wear on the blades. Simply place the lubricant sheet inside the feeder with arrows showing where to insert it, and the shredder will take care of the rest.