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October 13, 2023

ASUS X670-P Prime WiFi Review

The asus x670-p prime wifi is a balanced motherboard that uses the new x670 chipset to offer excellent value. It's available for under $300 and is a good choice for low-to-mid-tier builds. It pairs well with mid range Ryzen 7000 CPUs and will give you the performance you need for gaming or content creation. It doesn't have all the premium next-gen features that you find on ROG or Strix boards, but it will still satisfy most gamers or content creators.

Boost your speed with PCIe 5.0. Get more bandwidth for your graphics card, and transfer files to SSDs at up to 128Gbps. Plus, you'll enjoy faster boot-up and application load times with your OS or applications.

Experience the power of ASUS Aura. Create a system that shines with customizable RGB LED lighting, synced across an ever-growing portfolio of Aura-capable hardware. Easily control and adjust the fan curves for six PWM fans using intuitive software, or let Aura automatically tune them for you.

Reliability that surpasses industry standards. Every PRIME X670-P WIFI motherboard undergoes more than 8,000 hours of extensive burn-in, environmental, compatibility, and software tests to ensure it will operate flawlessly from the time of installation.

With silver-centric design elements, the asus x670-p prime wifi looks modern and sophisticated. Its backplate is also finished in a dark color and features a prominent Asus logo. Its mainboard is compact and well-organized, with four SATA ports located below the PCIe slots. The top PCIe slot is open and doesn't have a cover, allowing for easy installation of high-performance GPUs.