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October 12, 2023

Asus Prime X670-P Review

The asus prime x670-p is an interesting motherboard from Asus that takes advantage of the new amd ryzen 7000 chipset. With Ryzen CPUs currently being discounted at retail, this is a great time to pick up one of these boards. The X670 offers a balance of features for under $300 that will appeal to gamers and content creators alike. This includes stable power, intuitive cooling and flexible data transfer options.


A world-class circuit-protecting power design actively monitors critical voltages to detect and rectify issues such as overcurrent, undervoltage and short circuit. This protects the motherboard from unstable and potentially dangerous conditions, giving you peace of mind to focus on work or play.


Six PWM fan headers provide a full range of cooling options to keep your rig cool under heavy workloads. Fan Xpert 4 software allows you to dynamically reference up to four thermal sensors and automatically optimize cooling for GPU- and CPU-intensive tasks. In addition, an auxiliary dedicated PWM/DC fan header supports self-contained water-cooling setups.


The BIOS is easy to use with guided wizards and drag-and-drop functionality. EZ mode displays vital settings and stats, making it quick and simple to set up your system. You can also fine-tune your CPU to suit your needs via Eco Modes and DDR5 Expo profiles. Seasoned veterans will appreciate the extensive overclocking options in the UEFI. OptiMem II technology carefully maps memory signal pathways across different PCB layers to reduce vias and add shielding zones for improved stability, compatibility and lower latencies.