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October 13, 2023

Arcsoft Photostudio Darkroom 2 Review

In this era when digital cameras are accessible to just about everybody through mobile phones, it's easy to accumulate a massive collection of image files that may need some adjustments. arcsoft photostudio darkroom 2 is a software program that enables you to do this, providing a clean and simple user interface to work with.

The program offers a full set of tools for color and exposure manipulation in a nondestructive fashion; the changes are made in a new file, keeping the original digital negatives intact. It supports a large number of RAW formats from the main camera manufacturers, as well as JPEG and TIFF images. It also allows you to create and edit a range of effects such as black and white, sepia and more, along with frames and textures for photos and a complete set of lens and chromatic distortion corrections. Finally, you can perform common blemish removal functions such as red-eye or spot and patch.

Darkroom can be loaded onto both Macs and PCs, with the program weighing in at just 50MB and requiring a minimal amount of system resources. It is also very forgiving to older machines, supporting both Intel and G4 chips.

Overall, arcsoft photostudio darkroom 2 is an excellent and versatile program. Its strength lies in the process module, where all of the core editing features are concentrated. However, the browser and print modules feel like they were an afterthought. This makes the entire experience feel a bit uneven, but it's still a great tool.