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May 16, 2022

Applications of Air Bubble Detector

The air bubble detector is usually used for detecting the presence of the bubbles in the filled tube's liquids. The air bubble sensor plays a very important role in various fields. It includes the field of process control. Pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and the petroleum industry. Ultrasonic and capacitor based bubble finders are one of the most common types of sensors. In this article, we are going to mention the different applications of this amazing technology. We will also discuss why this technology is used in different sectors along with its importance.

Features of Air Bubble Detector:

  • It detects the air bubble in the fluid as small as the diameter of the tubing inner.
  • The size of the outer diameter of the tubing is 4mm and 6mm standard. (The best part is that the air detector sensor can be customized to the outer of the tubing diameter from 3 to 10mm.
  • The non-invasive design of the bubble detector excludes the sterility & fluid compatibility concerns.
  • The bubble sensor offers high noise immunity for the EMI/RFI.
  • The sensor doesn’t need the acoustic coupling.
  • LED indication of air bubble detector sensor wet & its dry state is visible by the housing.
  • Power-on & continuous self-diagnostic tests for the confirmation of its functionality.
  • Integral electronics

Application of Bubble Air Detection Sensor in Medical Field:

There isn’t any doubt that sensor air bubble detector sensors are extremely important for medical technology. They’re considered an important component because of its monitoring feature for the various medical, analytical, and laboratory devices. In addition to it, the medical grade air bubble detector has the ability to meet the restrictive requirements. In the medical field air detector sensor needs to be highly precise, resistant to external influences, and operate safely when its use is required along with the guarantee of long life span.

Other Applications of Bubble Detection Sensor:

  • Infusion Pump
  • Apheresis/Auto-transfusion
  • Biotech/DNA Analysis
  • Blood Processing
  • Immunoassay
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Hemodialysis
  • IN-VIVO Detection of Gas
  • Hydroponics
  • Smart Farming
  • Food Processing

How the Panasonic Air Bubble Detector Works:

A typical non-invasive ultrasonic air bubble detector uses two piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers that function as a transmitter and a receiver. The principle of detecting the air present in a flowing liquid is based on the large difference in acoustic impedance that exists between the pipe wall or liquid and the air. Air bubble detectors can be used in the medical, pharmaceutical and food technology industries.

Custom Tubing for Bubble Sensors:

It is very important for us to make sure that your air bubble detector is not invasive. The bubble detectors are great for any tube material, be it steel, plastic or glass, and we offer custom bubble detectors for larger tubes.

There are many considerations when choosing the right ultrasound sensor. The main difference between our ready -to -use bubble detectors is the size of the tube you will use above. With SMD sensors, we stock standard and customized sensors for any tube size of 1/16 ”and 1/2” (1.6 mm to 12.7 mm) of outer diameter. For initial prototypes, standard sensors are ideal, but some customization may be required. For individual pipes that may have thick or hard wires, we recommend that you send us a sample of your tube so that we can determine which bubble sensor and bubble sensor tube bring you the best. Consult our step -by -step guide to custom tubes for current bubble sensors to help you decide exactly what you need.


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