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October 13, 2023

Anime AI Art Bots For Discord

If you’re looking to make a custom image, there are a few Discord AI Art Bots that can help you. The first one we’ll discuss is Mid Journey, an open source text-to-image bot. It’s free to use, requires a Discord account and can be found in the community’s server listing.

Another popular option is Pepper AI, an image-generator that creates anime card images based on user prompts. It has a growing community, over 120,000 users, and offers many ways to enjoy the experience: collect cards, trade with other players, customize your avatar, date waifus, fight opponents, and more. Unlike other Anime AI Art Bots, Pepper AI is free to download and use.

Lastly, Discord announced that Clyde, the helpful robot character seen throughout the platform, will be getting an upgrade. Starting next week, Clyde will be able to answer questions and start conversations in a variety of channels on your server. This includes important channels for updates, service status, rules and FAQs, a welcome room, and more.

Despite these advancements, there’s still a lot more work to be done when it comes to making creativity more collaborative and accessible for everyone on Discord. Thankfully, the company has a few more surprises in store, including an updated real-time whiteboard that can take sketched ideas and transform them into generative AI artwork via a prompt. It’s a feature that’s been requested by many people, but the exact details remain unclear at this time.