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October 14, 2023

Angry Birds Space 2 Review

Angry Birds has become so big, the brand is now synonymous with a whole range of merchandise. Including angry cuddly toys, angry board games and angry speakers. Despite the saturation, however, Rovio still manages to create highly polished physics puzzles perfectly suited to casual touchscreen gaming. The latest entry in the franchise, Angry Birds Space 2, takes things to new heights – literally – by bringing space shenanigans into the mix.

It's a smart idea that adds far more to the series than just another new set of levels and a corny theme. Unlike other sequels that simply recycled the core game, this one feels like a proper evolution of the concept.

The first thing you'll notice is that the stage no longer is flat, but consists of various planets and asteroids that have different gravity effects on the birds after they're launched. So predicting how your feathered foes will move around the different celestial bodies is a crucial part of planning out your attack.

Other changes include the ability to freeze and smash some pigs with a 'freezer beam', and an aiming system that makes it easier to line up your shots. There are even boss fights, which require a bit more thought than simply knocking down stacks of wooden structures.

The result is a fun and challenging game that breathes some fresh air into what many thought was a fading franchise. The addition of a gravity element is a welcome change of pace, and the game has just enough new ideas to make it worthwhile for fans who were burnt out by vanilla bird flinging. The more aggressive pricing and somewhat random physics results are disappointing, but both issues do little to detract from the overall quality of this well-made game.