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October 12, 2023

Akaso Trace 1 Pro Review

akaso trace 1 pro

The akaso trace 1 is a small black box that sits in the top corner of your windshield and uses dual cameras to record your car's interior and the road in front of it. The two cameras have 170-degree field of view, and they can be run in tandem or separately. The rear camera can record at up to 1440p, while the front-facing camera can capture up to 1080p.

When the camera is turned on and in incident mode it will automatically start recording video if it detects a jolt or collision. The recorded videos will have a time-stamp. There are four buttons across the bottom of the unit that change function when pressed: they can be used to replay captured videos, format the data card, change the date, mute the sound or turn off the beeping sound.

One of the features that sets the akaso trace 1 apart from other low-cost dash cams is its dual Sony STARVIS sensors. That will help it to perform better in all sorts of lighting conditions.

Most of the other features in the akaso trace 1 are specifically aimed at rideshare (Uber, Lyft) and taxi drivers. It includes an impact detection feature that will record a 30 second video when it senses an impact, a parking mode that can be set to three levels of sensitivity, and more.

Most of the akaso trace 1's features are accessible through an easy-to-use mobile app that can be installed on your phone. It connects to the dash cam using your Wi-Fi, and it displays a live view of what's being recorded and lets you easily access all of the settings.