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October 12, 2023

AirTag Holder For Kids - Should Kids Be Tracking Their Own Belongings?

AirTag holders for kids make a great solution for parents, guardians and caregivers who need a little extra peace of mind when their kid is out with friends or away from home. The small, coin-shaped gadgets can be attached to a keychain or tucked into a pocket to help locate misplaced items and even offer GPS-like guidance for finding the item when using the free AirTag app on an iPhone.

However, it's important to consider both the positives and negatives of tracking your kids before putting an AirTag on their belongings. Children and teens can easily get lost with their innate sense of curiosity, especially when they're out on their own or visiting a friend's house. In some cases, kids might be kidnapped by people who intend to steal their devices or other valuables.

Another consideration is the risk of kids accidentally swallowing their AirTags. AirTags use a common lithium cell button battery, which can be dangerous when swallowed by young children. In fact, 20 Australian children are taken to the ER each week after accidentally swallowing these batteries. Fortunately, new updates to AirTags have improved the design of their battery compartments so that it requires a stronger push to open them.

Finally, it's important to remember that AirTags are designed to pair with Apple devices only. Other brands, such as Samsung and Xiaomi, also offer similar tracking solutions for both adults and children. Ultimately, it's important to communicate openly with your child or teenager about how the device works, and to respect their privacy boundaries until they're ready to graduate to tracking themselves with a more mature parental control app that can be monitored by you only.