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October 13, 2023

Afterglow Headset Review - Xbox 360 Reviews

For a long time, high-end wireless gaming headsets like the Astro A50 and SteelSeries H have commanded huge premiums for their untethered freedom. But over the last year or so, a few new headsets have appeared in the lower price range that promise untethered gaming for under $100. One of these is the Afterglow LVL 5+ from Performance Designed Products.

The LVL 5+ is a wired headset that plugs into the base of your Xbox controller. This means it isn't going to offer the sort of wireless range you might see with a pair of Elite Astro A40's, but for $50 it offers surprisingly good sound quality and a comfortable fit.

The headset features a large mute button on the communicator and a dial for volume control. It also has a flip-up headband that allows it to be worn on the back of the head or around the ears. There's a small microphone that folds into the headset when not in use, and on the back of the communicator you'll find a 3.5mm 4 pole "Line In" port for connecting external audio devices like cell phones or portable music players, as well as a microUSB charging port.

The headset has a slick-looking black finish and feels very solidly built. It also has a cool ambient lighting that illuminates in different colors depending on what the game's audio is telling it to do. The lights can be enabled or disabled by pressing the "Mode" button on the bottom of the headset. The headphones have a good audio balance with crisp highs and mids, though the bass tones can be a bit weak at times. A press of the mode button puts them into a "Bass Boost" mode that adds some extra kick without distorting the rest of the sound.