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October 13, 2023

Adding Four Monitors to Your Desk Setup

If you’re a video gamer, graphic designer, or someone who does a lot of editing work on a PC, you probably know how great it is to have multiple monitors. It reduces the amount of time you spend switching between windows — and, over an eight-hour shift, can save you 15 minutes or more. It also improves the visual landscape and makes VFX editing or gaming much more exciting.

Adding an extra monitor to your desk setup isn’t just about having more space to view your work; it requires careful planning and thoughtful consideration to create a fluid, intuitive workspace. It’s essential to have the right monitor mount for your quad screen setup, and to choose the best monitor sizes for each of your tasks.

There are a few different ways to arrange four monitors at your desk, including stacking them or placing one on top of the other. The most popular way is a side-by-side arrangement, which is the easiest for most people, and allows you to keep all your main applications visible at once. However, if you have to crane your neck up or down to see the monitors on the far end of your desk, this can cause neck and back strain.

Another option is to use a quad monitor stand or two dual monitor stands, which allow you more freedom in terms of positioning your screens. It’s important to have a monitor stand or quad monitor mount that is well-built and will look nice with your overall setup.