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July 12, 2023

Add Bold Metal Accents to Farmhouse Corrugated Metal Kitchens

farmhouse corrugated metal kitchen

Corrugated galvanized metal adds vibrant charm to farmhouse kitchens with its corrugated surface. Perfectly complementary with modern, rustic, and traditional design schemes alike.

Create an oversized kitchen island using corrugated metal as its foundation. Corrugated metal adds texture and visual interest while supporting stools so guests can sit back and chat while the chef prepares meals.


If you want to introduce farmhouse corrugated metal kitchen into your home, starting with the backsplash can be one of the best places to start. Not only does it add visual interest and contrast, but it can also bring together other design elements such as natural wood furniture and traditional fixtures into one cohesive look.

Farmhouse corrugated metal kitchens often include textured backsplashes that feature multiple visual cues. For instance, copper tin backsplashes may include natural images like trees of life or floral patterns to tie into other rustic elements in the space. Copper's warm hue can also complement other metal elements in the room like barn doors or farmhouse sinks.

Other tin backsplashes may feature distressed finishes or faux weathering to give a vintage aesthetic, or whitewashed surfaces for a more rustic yet still modern kitchen aesthetic.

Galvanized steel ceilings give your kitchen the raw, unfinished aesthetic associated with farmhouse style designs. Plus, their bold statement helps define space.


Farmhouses are large, open concept homes featuring multiple gathering areas and plenty of natural light. Farmhouses are known to incorporate rustic elements in their interior design such as wood, stone and metal into the design, adding modern flare to this classic style. One way corrugated metal adds modern charm is through adding corrugated metal as part of the farmhouse kitchen design.

Corrugated galvanized steel is an extremely resilient and weatherproof material, designed to withstand years of use without wear and tear. Plus, its easy maintenance makes it perfect for kitchen use whether hanging from the ceiling or surrounding an island - you're sure to make a statement while adding texture and character!

Consider using metal to subtly accent your kitchen island and walls, or as an interesting contrast against other materials used throughout. A corrugated metal backsplash would make an especially great statement in a farmhouse kitchen!

No matter if you want a subtle farmhouse flair added to your home or completely transform your kitchen, there are numerous solutions available. Corrugated metal barn doors or Flat panels of metal surround your fireplace; or for something more ambitious try lining the shower wall with corrugated metal or turning a galvanized trough into bathtub enclosure.


Large, open kitchens are a hallmark of farmhouse designs, often featuring large islands as the focal point. Cooks and guests alike often gather around these islands - whether rustic and weathered or hardy and traditional or playful and charming; an island adds just the right amount of homespun character to any design scheme.

Corrugated galvanized metal can add texture and visual interest to kitchen walls and ceilings, but its use on an island has become increasingly common. Here, a galvanized metal backsplash creates an eye-catching focal point in this kitchen's layout; pairing perfectly with its wooden top, white shaker cabinets and polished nickel pendants, wall sconces and cabinet knobs.

Farmhouse islands typically feature wood slats to give a country aesthetic. But you don't have to stick with wood; other materials, like this black island from Ikea can add volume and visual interest in any room. Plus it extends the wood bar countertop for extra seating!

Farmhouse kitchens require the integration of natural elements that add warmth, rustic charm, and natural textures into their design. This reclaimed wood island paired with white shaker cabinets exemplifies this concept perfectly - light wood slats adorn both its countertops and back panels to add contrast while matching up to the color of its exposed beams above.


Farmhouse kitchens typically feature simple cabinetry in a shaker style and wooden flooring, along with walls either covered with beadboard or shiplap or left bare, while white or pale-hued colors dominate their color palettes. Rustic metal accents make an appearance within this design style, such as stainless steel apron sinks or black wrought iron light fixtures.

For a contemporary yet rustic aesthetic in your kitchen, cover an existing range hood with a mantel-style frame to give it more personality while simultaneously protecting its surface from grease drips. This design technique adds personality to an otherwise utilitarian fixture while protecting from greasy drips.

Add rustic metal into a kitchen by installing a metallic backsplash. Corrugated galvanized steel works particularly well due to its ridged and furrowed texture; typically treated with zinc to slow corrosion and create a tone-on-tone speckled look.

DIY backsplash ideas require using painters tape to mark off 2-inch squares on an inset panel cabinet door sheet, then using black paint in every other square; when dry, remove tape and coat remaining exposed squares with gray. Reassemble doors; the unique pattern will draw the eye upward and into the room. Alternatively, try painting similar recessed-panel cabinet doors in a buffalo check pattern instead for something different!