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October 12, 2023

A Yada Dash Cam Review

The yada digital wireless backup camera is one of the most affordable and easiest to install dash cams on the market. Whether you are just looking to add another layer of safety for yourself and your passengers or you are worried about insurance fraud or a potential accident that may have occurred on the road, a good dash cam can provide you with the proof you need to resolve any disputes over an incident or even exonerate yourself from a scam.

A good dash cam will also have a continuous loop recording system that automatically saves and locks new footage, overwriting the oldest clip. Some will also include cloud video management, which allows you to transfer saved videos to online storage, freeing up space on your SD card for more recording.

Most cameras will be designed with a touch screen, which can make it easy to navigate menus and settings. Look for a yada with a high resolution, which will provide clearer and more detailed footage of your surroundings, including license plates and street signs.

Some yada dash cams will have an automatic start-up feature that will power up the camera and begin recording when you turn on your vehicle. This can be a useful feature if you tend to forget to turn the dash cam on before driving off.

If your yada dash cam does not turn on, the problem may be caused by a dead battery. Check that the battery is charged and that the camera has power coming from the 12V adapter. Try a different adapter or cable if necessary. If this does not fix the problem you could have a faulty power cable which will need to be replaced by the manufacturer/retailer.