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May 16, 2023

A Chinese Lookalike May Never Meet Elon Musk

yilong ma

An Instagram sensation named Yilong Ma has gone viral after drawing comparisons between himself and Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, but they may never meet in real life; his accounts on TikTok and Twitter in China have both been closed due to violating platform policies; also on Weibo (China's Twitter-like platform) his page has received content-restriction notices citing violation.

Ma is an accomplished entrepreneur, having co-founded web software company Panlong with his brother Kim and later founding online bank MON. Additionally, he registered trademarks under both English and Chinese transliterations for an array of products and services such as restaurants, printing, textiles and design. Furthermore, Ma was involved with multiple humanitarian initiatives, including building a mini submarine to assist rescue efforts of children trapped inside Thailand's Tham Luang cave system.

Ma publicly revealed in 2021 that he suffers from Asperger syndrome--a neurological disorder which can cause difficulties with social interactions and emotional regulation, including social anxiety. Ma was treated by a psychiatrist for this condition who also prescribed him lithium carbonate as an antidepressant medication.

Ma has amassed an extensive social following on Surfer microblogging service with over 14.6 million followers as of May 2019. He made headlines when he tweeted "pronouns suck" after facing criticism over his choice of gender-neutral pronouns and later insulted non-binary people via tweetstorm.