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October 13, 2023

23.6 Acer KG241Q Monitor Review

The 23.6 acer kg241q is one of the cheapest big-brand monitors on the market, but that cheap price comes at the cost of colour quality, features and adjustment options. It's good enough for everyday tasks and gaming, but it can't tackle high-end workloads like Office apps or editing video.

It uses TN technology, which offers decent contrast but poor colours and viewing angles compared to IPS or VA panels. Out of the box, the Acer delivered a brightness level of 237 nits and a black point of 0.2cd/m2 for a contrast ratio of 1,185:1. That's enough to make browser tabs, Office apps and YouTube videos look reasonably crisp and lively, but it wouldn't rival an IPS or VA panel in colour-sensitive applications.

In games, a fast response time is important to minimise screen tearing and ghosting. The Acer KG241Q delivers a smooth experience thanks to AMD FreeSync, which syncs the monitor's refresh rate with that of the graphics card to prevent frame-rate fluctuations. A 1ms response time ensures that fast-moving game scenes remain crisp and clear, with minimal blurring and smearing.

Acer's VisionCare technology also helps to reduce eye strain, making this monitor a great option for heavy monitor users such as programmers, writers and students. It includes low blue light, flicker-free and ComfyView modes that help to alleviate symptoms of eyestrain and provide a comfortable viewing experience. This monitor's simple design paired with an elegant stand provides a sleek look that complements any gaming setup. It's compatible with a wide range of devices through its DisplayPort and dual HDMI connections, and it can also be attached to an alternative monitor bracket via holes according to the VESA 100 x 100 standard.