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October 13, 2023

18 Outlet Surge Protector

If you need to power a multitude of devices at once, get an 18 outlet surge protector. It can easily handle the output of many modern gadgets and laptops, and provides plenty of outlets for avoiding having to crawl under a desk to reach plugs. Its LED indicator lights boast three modes and a removable ground pin, and the unit is automatically disconnected when excessive voltage causes it to shut down. It also features four USB charging ports for recharging smartphones, most earbuds and headphones, and other modern-day devices.

Besides preventing dangerous spikes and fluctuations, these devices safeguard against circuit shorting, fire hazards, excessive amperage, and other electrical problems. Choose a model with a higher joule rating to protect more valuable equipment, such as computers and home entertainment systems.

A surge protector that’s made of metal is better able to resist heat and other potential damage. Some units are designed with a slim profile to fit into tight spaces, while others have rounded edges and a lightly textured finish that feels more upscale than plastic. Some models even have mount tabs for attaching them to a wall or under a desk, and angled outlets make it easier to insert plugs.

Some surge protectors include an illuminated on/off switch to make it easy to see when the device is working. They also feature a fuse to prevent overheating, and they can be turned off from a distance using a wireless remote. Some also come with a programmable LCD timer that can help you economize by scheduling days and times to turn off indicated outlets.