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October 12, 2023

12th Gen I7 Vs 11th Gen I7

Intel’s 11th Generation processors launched with a lot of hype and were praised for their speed and efficiency. However, they fell short on one thing: they didn’t offer early support for PCIe 4.0. This is a major bummer for power users and gamers who were hoping to upgrade their current setup with the latest hardware.

In this article, we’ll compare the 12th gen i7 to the 11th gen i7 to see if the newer chip is worth the investment. The 12th gen i7 is a significant improvement over the older chips. It has a faster clock speed and can handle more multithreaded tasks at once. Plus, it’s designed to use less power and generate less heat.

The 12th gen i7 is also more future-proof. It uses a new hybrid architecture, supports DDR5 memory, and has more advanced features like Wi-Fi 6E and Thunderbolt 4.0. This allows the chip to perform better in demanding applications and games.

It’s important to remember that the 12th gen i7 isn’t compatible with motherboards designed for the 11th gen chips. This is because the new processors use a different microarchitecture and a newer manufacturing process. So, anyone who wants to upgrade to the 12th gen i7 will need to purchase both a new motherboard and processor.

The 11th gen i7 is still a powerful processor. But, if you’re looking for more performance and less power consumption, the 12th gen i7 is definitely the way to go.