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July 23, 2021

Things to Consider When Building A Website: 12 Things

things to consider when building a website

Launching a website is a daunting task. Regardless of the experience level, anything small or big can go wrong. While every website has some unique features to check before launch, this article highlights some most common things that are applicable to all websites. The list below ensures that the website launched has optimum performance and a great user experience. Read more about things to consider when building a website.

Website Launch Checklist

Enumerated below are the 12 most helpful and prominent things to consider before launching a website. Things to consider when building a website:

  1. Reviewing
  2. Responsive design
  3. Functionality
  4. SEO techniques
  5. Site backup
  6. Contact page
  7. Navigations
  8. Browser compatibility
  9. Change all URLs
  10. Security
  11. Social media integration
  12. Custom 404 page


When your website is ready to be launched, spare some time out to review everything. Review the content on the website to be sure that everything looks right and is working correctly. Proofread the content as many times as you can to avoid any sort of trouble later. This includes looking for any grammar and spelling mistakes throughout the premium content. Also, make sure the images and videos on the page are loading appropriately and the content on your page follows the proven SEO techniques.


The website’s design should be such that it attracts as many viewers and makes them stay there for long. It is beneficial to test your website across all devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobiles. This will give you a final appearance of the website and tailor it to how you want it to appear. The more the website has a responsive design, the more traffic it will catch. For example, PricesPakistan is an accurate representation of a website having a responsive design. It appears very well across all devices and is easy to use. The Menu Bar has all major tabs that represent the website’s purpose. Visitors can easily reach any page they desire.


Check the functionality of all the details and features on your website. Make sure all the elements are working as you desired. These elements include lead generation forms, email list signups, comments, and social sharing. Optimization of the website is also necessary to ensure great speed.


To attract large traffic to your website, use proven SEO techniques. This can be carried out using unique page titles and Meta descriptions. In addition to that, you can also set up a link outreach plan. This will amplify the launch and help in generating buzz to make it a working model.


For an added peace of mind, regularly backing up the data is a must thing to escape any mis-happening. Site backup will prevent any data loss and save you from big trouble. This can happen in case of any malware attempts.


The contact page on your website is important as it adds credibility. Make sure you have a contact page on the website to allow visitors to get in touch for any queries. This will improve the trust quotient of your website. PricesPakistan has a separate contact page on the website. Along with that, it has the contact details present on top of every page for easy reach by visitors.


A good website is one that has an easy-to-use interface so that the visitors don’t get confused about where to go next. The on-site search should be working smoothly and accurately to make the visitor stay there for long. Try to test the navigation by moving through different locations just like a casual visitor.


Review browser compatibility across major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Review the website across all browsers to see if it’s working accurately. Secondly, appearance also matters. This is how the website of PricesPakistan appears on Chrome.


When moving a website from a staging area to a production phase, URLs are required to be changed. Double-check all the URLs and make sure they are correct on the live version of the site.


Security is one important thing that must not be ignored. From the very beginning, the backend of the website should be as secure as possible from the possible entry of malicious bots and hackers.


Try the social icons on the website if they accurately redirect the visitors to the social media platforms. Check if the ‘share’ functionality of the icons works accurately and the right icons are used for each platform.


There is a possibility that a visitor on your website might not end up accurately, because of the misprint in a page URL, or a bad link on another website. To avoid a visitor looking at an ugly error warning, custom the 404 page on your website.

To Conclude

There are a lot more things in the checklist to consider before launching a website. This is just an overview of the most important things worth mentioning.

Lastly, a very important step, after the website has been launched, tracking the performance of your website is beneficial. Prepare analytics to evaluate the website to continually improve it with time.

Now you know things to consider when building a website! Lastly, read more articles like this one on our front page. Finally, check out our Instagram as well. Now you know how to start a hair business!

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